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Our tiny houses

A piece of paradise in the Westhoek. Tiny Kot is a collection of "tiny houses", which are spread around the domain. The domain is a former brickyard and flax factory, which is characterized by the large pond that is present there. With respect for each other's privacy, the houses are arranged in such a way that you cannot see each other and you can fully enjoy the existing nature.

Tiny Kot

It all started with this, our first self-made house. Raised from old windows, this is a very airy yet compact home. He stands in his own meadow at a small pond, with a view of the fields where the many animals come to say hello to you. All basic necessities are provided: kitchen, queen-size bed, toilet and outdoor shower. As an extra you have a hot tub and BBQ option.

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Pump Room

This is an old room that was used to pump the water from the pond to the factory. For years, the house fell into disrepair and served as a shelter for the animals. In the summer of 2020 it will have been restored and decorated in a very cozy way. There is a terrace against the pond where you can sit for hours staring at the many water birds that live there.

Hundreds of lights have been hung in the trees above and around the house to ensure that you have a unique atmosphere in the evening, ideal for dreaming away in the hot tub. All basic needs are present here, kitchen qeen-size bed, cuddly sofa with many pillows, toilet, and outdoor shower.

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Bus Room

A regular bus retired. The many windows in the bus make it ideal to see all the beauty here from the inside. On one side you have a view of the pond, on the other side you have a view of the meadow. The original benches have been preserved. The bed, kitchen and shower are a beautiful part of it. As an extra you have the hot tub at the edge of the pond where you will experience a unique feeling.

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Forest kot

A unique location of 2 hectares of forest.The cottage is in the middle of it. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages there was a castle here that would have sunk one night. There was also one of the bloodiest battles fought in and around the forest, in which more than 40,000 soldiers lost their lives. As a lasting memory, a stone's throw from here is Tyne Cot Cemetry, the largest commonwealth cemetery on the mainland. The presence of forest and water makes the fauna and flora here unique. All amenities are available, 2x queen-size bed, bunk bed, sofa bed, kitchen and toilet.Here too you have a hot tub as an extra.

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Book Kot

This bright and spacious duplex apartment is a place where you can spend the night between books, a place where you can browse and read all the books for hours.
We have a suitable book for everyone, we are always looking for beautiful books and are happy to share them with you.
In the garden we also have a hot tub for you and by the summer there will also be a communal swimming pond.

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Poelkapelle is located in the heart of the Westhoek, the ideal base for the many activities that can be found here in the region. Ypres, Diksmuide and the Heuvelland are all close by and have a lot to offer. All information about the region and what to do can be found on

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De prijzen van alle huisjes starten aan €150